Kenny G's Quality Trees

Shade, Ornamental, and Evergreen - 50 acres of 1.5" to 6" caliper trees, shipped anywhere in the US and Cananda. Our trees are grown locally in Pueblo, Colorado and are climatized from day one to our extreme variable weather conditions - unlike many trees that are shipped in from the east and west coast and have not been subjected to our variable weather conditions. As a result of this, our clients experience a significant reduction in death loss and failure to thrive.


The trees we sell are guaranteed to be of highest quality. We won't sell a substandard tree and the trees we do sell will thrive, given proper care and maintenance.

I hate it when a nursery doesn't take the time to educate the consumer about proper care and maintenance. Soil, watering, pruning, installation, fertilization, application of insecticides, are all factors that govern the success or failure of any landscape project.